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Lawsuit: Ledger Used Cocaine At Party

A woman's lawsuit against two paparazzi and the photo agency allegedly responsible for the video of Heath Ledger at a West Hollywood hotel room says the late actor was using cocaine that night.

The woman was not named in the filing Friday. The suit says she was a People magazine freelance reporter covering a Screen Actors Guild Awards after-party in 2006 when two paparazzi lured Ledger to her hotel room, gave him cocaine and secretly filmed him.

Heath Ledger: 1979-2008
The lawsuit names Splash News, managing partner Gary Morgan, and paparazzi Eric Munn and Darren Banks. Her claims against them include fraud, negligence, and trespassing.

The 28-year-old Ledger died Jan. 22, 2008 in his Manhattan apartment from taking six types of painkillers and sedatives.

By Derrik J. Lang