Lawrence Taylor sheds a tear

The NFL Hall of Famer-now-turned-registered sex offender tells all to Mike Wallace back in 2003

Our perception of Lawrence Taylor has changed yet again. As a player, he redefined the position of defensive linebacker and was considered by many to be the best who ever played the position. As a man, Taylor has known far fewer successes: struggling with addictions, arrests, and disgrace. On Tuesday he was sentenced to six years probation after pleading guilty to sexual misconduct with an underage prostitute. The NFL Hall of Famer escaped jail time but will now add "registered sex offender" to his resume of shame.

Taylor's escapades with prostitutes have long been part of his public persona. Back in 2003, he bragged to Mike Wallace about the devious way he weakened opponents before a big game: he sent beautiful girls from an escort service to the other team's doorstep to tire them out.