Lawnmower on a rope: It's mowing made easy

(CBS News) Growing up in Florida, I spent countless hours in the blistering heat, mowing the grass. Our yard reminded me of that scene in "The Santa Clause" where Tim Allen keeps shaving his beard, but it keeps growing back instantaneously. So when I saw the video above, my immediate reaction was, "why didn't I think of that?" Click it and see what I'm talking about.

"Attaching a length of rope to a lawnmower and a post to mow the lawn in a spiral" -- that's the whole description of the video posted by 99bbtom. Which goes to show the beauty of its simplicity. The idea is so good, I felt self-propelled to share it with you.

The perimeter of the pole is eight inches -- about 1/3 of the mower's blade width -- which some YouTube commenters criticized (big shock). They argue that it should be wider to make the mowing process quicker. But as 99bbom explains, this way the mower makes three passes per patch of grass, which means a cleaner cut. Plus, with the extra time, you can grab your weedwacker and trim up the corners the mower won't reach. So when it's done, you're done. Genius.

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