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Latest Products For Tykes

Dallas hosted the annual Juvenile Products Show. Walking up and down the aisles, CBS News Consumer Correspondent Herb Weisbaum found some fun new things for Baby.

Business is booming for baby products. Sales are expected to hit $5 billion this year. These days, parents and grandparents are willing and able to spend more on new things for the newest members of the family.

There is the new Swing 'n Meals from Fisher Price. ItÂ's a three-speed, battery-powered swing that grows with your child. When Baby is ready, it can be converted into a high chair and no tools are required.

The Swing 'n Meals will be available in March for about $100.

Another product enables a woman to talk to her baby in the womb. The new Fetal Phone is a simple little device that focuses your voice where you want it. And quite frankly for $15, itÂ's a hoot!

And then thereÂ's the Flip-N-Flush, a plastic potty seat that attaches to the toilet.

A company called, PU Digital, came up with this clever idea. Once it's in place, the same toilet can be used by adults and children. No longer do you have to move around a bulky potty seat. Potty time doesnÂ't get any simpler; just flip and flush!

HereÂ's a great idea from the First Years Company, a hands-free gate. ThatÂ's because you open it using a pedal. Just push down and kick it open with your leg. And then when youÂ're done, close it back up again. It will be available in April, for about $50.

The latest thing in swimwear is the Diaper Swim Vest. Just strap it on your littlest ones and theyÂ're ready for a dip in the pool or tub. The vest keeps the babies' heads above water so they feel safe and secure. YouÂ'll feel that way, too. Olympic swimming star Regent La Coursiere came up with the idea.

Anyone whoÂ's ever installed a child safety seat knows that if the belt isnÂ't really tight,the seat will wiggle around. The $15 Mighty-Tite Car Seat Belt Ratchet makes the job a whole lot easier.

The Mighty-Tite was picked as one of the best new products at the show.

For those who believe too much is never enough thereÂ's the Imperial Swan Crib. Jean Kasem, whose company Little Miss Liberty sells the crib, says the reproduction is based on an ancient Middle Eastern design.

The crib is covered with 18-karat gold leaf. This explains why it retails for around $4,000!

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