"Last Airbender" Blasted by Young Film Critic

11-year-old movie critic, Jackson Murphy.
Jackson Murphy, 11-year-old film critic also known as "Lights Camera Jackson," has already won a local Emmy award in upstate New York. He joined co-anchor Harry Smith Friday morning on "The Early Show"to tell us about his latest movie picks for the holiday weekend.

Jackson has an opinion, and is not afraid to share. Writers and directors --watch out!

First up on Jackson's review list, the newest film in the Twilight saga, "Eclipse." The film is rated PG-13 for action violence and adult subject matter, and Jackson suggest that younger kids not watch it.

Jackson got booed by the live audience when he gave this popular film a "C," which on his rating scale stands for "halfway decent."

The young critic really hit hard when it came to director M. Knight Shyamalan and his new film "The Last Airbender."

Jackson listed reasons why the film made a "D" on his grading scale, and is not worth seeing in theaters:

"'The Last Airbender,' yeah, not really entertaining. After the last scene, it's boring, really boring. Not good acting, not good action scenes and the director has been a director about 20 years," said Jackson. "This is terrible directing. I was very surprised. So many unnecessary slow-motion scenes. I don't get why -- and close-ups that were so extreme close-ups, you couldn't even see the edge of the face."

To Jackson, this film was one of the most disappointing films of the year, and he advises audiences everywhere not to go see it, especially in 3-D.

The newest film debuting next Friday that has been getting a lot of buzz is the animated feature "Despicable Me," starring Steve Carrell.

"Really funny, really entertaining. Move over, 'Toy Story 3,' the minions are here! Let me tell you, these little yellow minion guys you're seeing right now on the screen are hilarious. They are some classic animated characters. This is a very funny movie. It's sweet and the minions are hilarious," said Jackson."I've got to tell you, you're thinking right now it's just a villain-versus-villain movie, but there's a nice story that Steve Carell's character adopts these three girl orphans and he really starts to care for them and care about his mother more."

For Jackson, "Despicable Me" rates a B+ on his report card, making the grade at "very funny."

To get more movie reviews from Jackson, visit his site at Lights, Camera, Jackson.

To view the full "Early Show" interview with Jackson, click on the video below.

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