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Labor Group Releases Ad Backing Health Care Reform

On the day that President Obama tries to win over skeptical members of the American Medical Association, the labor-affiliated group, Americans United For Change, is launching a new ad touting popular approval of Mr. Obama's health care plan.

The spot will begin running tomorrow on basic cable in Washington DC, and the group is spending "five figures" to air it, according to Americans United For Change's, Lauren Weiner.

The ad, titled "62%", is grounded in the results of a Diageo/Hotline Poll conducted in June.

"In the Senate, they call sixty percent support a "super" majority," a narrator says in the spot. "A new poll shows sixty-two percent of Americans support the President's plan to reform health care. That means lowering costs, so everyone has access to quality, affordable care. Protecting your choice of doctor. Letting you choose between keeping the private insurance you have, and a public health insurance plan."

The announcer then targets Republicans for opposing the plan despite the poll's findings.

"So if the Republicans in Congress ignore what sixty-two percent of support, you gotta wonder: Who are they listening to?"


The ad, as the script shows, draws attention to the choice built into the proposed reform, in which liberals want to include an option for Americans to acquire a public insurance plan. Backers say such an option would cut down costs and give Americans better access to insurance.

Americans United For Change is a member of the Health Care For America Now coalition, a consortium of liberal groups backing health care reform.

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