Kyle MacLachlan: At the intersection of Hollywood and vine

They'd say he was good enough to land the lead in David Lynch's 1984 sci-fi action movie, "Dune." It was a big-screen, big-budget, big-time flop.

"Were you crushed?" Smith asked.

"I didn't know enough to be crushed," MacLachlan replied. "I just assumed, because everyone was telling me that it was going to be this major hit and whatever, that what was gonna be was gonna be, you know? And when it came out and it wasn't, it was like, 'Oh.  Readjust, readjust.'"

Another Lynch film, 1986's "Blue Velvet," rebooted his career, and "Twin Peaks" made Kyle MacLachlan a household name.

His latest project is a bit less glamorous.

When you see the words "actor" and "winemaker" in the same sentence, you might think "vanity project."  You would be wrong. His wine project began as a way to stay closer to his aging father, Kent. "This sort of galvanized me to get back here and see him, spend time with him. And it worked." That extra time was a gift; in 2011, Kent MacLachlan died suddenly at the age of 77.

"I look back now and I say, I'm so, so grateful for that, being able to share that time with him," he told Smith."It was very important."

There were other blessings as well: as an actor, Kyle MacLachlan has endured his share of criticism, but nothing could have prepared him for his first review in the industry Bible, Wine Spectator.

Kyle MacLachlan, the "oddball"
"I was sort of looking through it, looking through it, looking through it and I came onto this thing and I read 'Pursued by Bear.'  Pursued by Bear? I said, 'Oh, somebody has a wine named like mine!' That was my first reaction.  I was, like, 'Oh, they got a 91. Wow. Oh, no, wait a minute! That's my wine!'  It was like I read the greatest review of a film that I'd been in or something.  It was just really cool, really cool."

He still has a day job, and a home in New York City. "I feel very centered here, very comfortable," he said Washington State.. "I know the area. It's in my body, I guess."

"Could you ever see living here full-time?" Smith asked.

"No. I wouldn't go that far, Tracy!"

But now there are other reasons to keep his wine flowing:  when MacLachlan and wife Desiree had a son, Callum, in 2008, the proud new papa started a special vintage, a syrah called Baby Bear.  

He's hopeful the winemaking that brought him closer to his dad will do the same for his son. "Maybe he'll have an interest," MacLachlan said. "Maybe he'll want to learn about it, when he's a little older." The man who built a career on complex characters now makes wine for the simplest reason of all:  love.

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