Kurt Russell: Life And Love

In his four decades in the movie business, Kurt Russell has saved the world on more than one occasion. His latest attempt to save the planet does not involve Earth. It's in his new movie, Soldier. CBS "This Morning" Co-Anchor Mark McEwen talked with Ruseell about love, life, and the new flick.

His character, Todd, a veteran soldier, doesn't talk a whole lot - and that, says Russell, adds an interesting element to his craft:
"It was a different experience. It was like silent acting. I have very little to say. It's not because he can't speak and not because he can't communicate; he has never been taught to. He was taken from birth as a childÂ…he's trained in a sort of Lord of the Flies world in a survival of the fittest. He moves on and becomes a soldier that just does whatever they tell him to do. Basically, it's very robotic."

This character, says Russell, is harder to portray:
"We're used to speaking to each other as humans. That's how we let each other know what we're going to express in terms of emotion or thought. When you take that tool away from an actor, obviously, the chore is more difficult. I have just been really pleased that the audiences who have watched the movie have gotten deeply into that character. You do begin to wonder what he's thinking, wonder what he's covering up in terms of his emotions, you know."

Russell says he is spending more time these days in New York:
Goldie did a movie [there]. We rented an apartment, then we decided to buy one. I never thought that would happen. I'm surprised by that, but I really do now enjoy coming to New York."

When asked about tying the knot with Hawn, Russell says:
"I just pass that off." He adds, "Men are very different from women. I live with a woman who doesn't deny that."

What do men want?
"I think what they want is what they wanted always in caveman days. I think men think about sex 6,000 times a minute. I don't think any man is going to deny what his brain is on all the time. You either control that or you don't... But, the point being, that goes into why Goldie and I are not married. We have an appreciation for each other on a simple level. I love her very much. She feels pretty good about me, I think."

What's next for Russell? He says he doesn't know, but he has the luxury of waiting for a good role.

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