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NFL player helps save a man from a burning car: "Right place at the exact right time"

EXTENDED: Vikings KJ Osborn helps save man from burning car in Texas
EXTENDED: Vikings KJ Osborn helps save man from burning car in Texas 02:25

KJ Osborn of the Minnesota Vikings was able to assist in the rescue of a motorist in Austin, Texas, after happening upon a fiery crash while on his way to training.

"Right place right time," the 25-year-old Osborn tweeted on Monday, alongside photos of the Sunday crash, the other rescuers involved, and the damaged vehicle.

In a statement accompanying the photographs, Osborn wrote, "Most of the time the saying goes "wrong place wrong time." But I believe God had me, us, at the right place at the exact right time."

Osborn went on to say that he and "3 absolute [heroes]" worked together to save the man's life, pulling him from the flaming car after a bad accident, "a situation I'd never imagine being [a part] of in a million years."

"I picked him up, you know, he's bleeding, his blood is on me," Osborn told CBS Minnesota. "We carry him like 10, 15 yards trying to get away from the car, just in case it blows up."

"By the end, you know, the fire trucks came and the ambulance and the police and everything like that. And they were just thanking us that we saved this guy's life. And without us, you know, he could have definitely for sure burned in that car."

Osborn, who is a wide receiver on the Vikings, previously played for the University of Buffalo and the University of Miami before he was drafted by the team in 2020. He caught 60 passes this most recent season and scored six touchdowns.

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