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Kitten found after 100 miles on woman's bumper

Updated at 2:47 p.m. ET

(AP) PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. - A woman says a 6-week-old kitten hitched a ride on the outside of her vehicle as she drove about 100 miles over upstate New York roads.

Stacey Pulsifer tells the Press-Republican of Plattsburgh that she recently drove from her home in Plattsburgh to Elizabethtown in the Adirondacks, then back to her apartment. Along the way she stopped for coffee and heard meowing coming from her Jeep.

She asked two friends to help her search the vehicle. They finally found the kitten wedged behind a bumper and had to cut it free.

Pulsifer has since adopted the hitchhiker and named it Pumpkin. She estimates the lucky black cat was lodged in the car for about 22 hours and traveled some 100 miles. She suffered a broken paw during the ride.

Pumpkin wasn't the first kitten to take a wild ride this summer.

On Sunday, the Democrat & Chronicle of Rochester, N.Y., reported that workers at Smitty's Transmissions in suburban Rochester found a kitten curled up on top of a car's gas tank after hitching a six-hour ride from Connecticut. They named the cat Connecticut.

The workers found the kitten when a Connecticut couple bought in their car after dropping their son off at the Rochester Institute of Technology in western New York. The couple had heard the cat purring.

The kitten was taken to Lollypop Farm, a shelter that takes in foster kittens, until she puts on enough weight to be spayed and adopted.

Shelter workers believe the hitching kitten was feral.

Also, in California, Los Angeles County animal control officials said last week that a stowaway kitten who survived a three-week ocean voyage from China trapped in a storage container without food or water has found a new home.

Rescued stowaway kitten finds new home

The cat, which has been named Ni Hao, or "hello" in Chinese, was expected this week to leave the animal hospital he's called home since turning up in the U.S. in July to start life with a family in the LA suburb of Redondo Beach.

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