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King Charles III has a rainy coronation day – just like his mother's. Here are other similarities and differences between the ceremonies.

Some people say rain on a wedding day is good luck – but what about a coronation day? Well, it rained for Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in 1953 and it is raining during the coronation for her son, King Charles III.

According to weather records for June 2, 1953, the morning began with clouds and "spot or two of rain" which became heavier. The cloudy weather continued throughout the day and it was cold for June, according the U.K.'s Met Office.

Coronation Of Elizabeth II - Coronation Procession
British Royal Elizabeth II, wearing the Imperial State Crown, and her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, seen through the window of the Gold State Coach as they return to Buckingham Palace during the coronation procession in London, England, 2nd June 1953. The Coronation ceremony took place at Westminster Abbey. / Getty Images

As journalist Ellen Castelow wrote for Historic U.K.: "The only problem on the actual day was the typical British weather…it poured with rain!"

During King Charles III coronation on May 6, a tent was propped up at the entrance of Westminster Abbey to shield guests from the rain. The weather was 57 degrees Fahrenheit and rainy, which was expected to persist until the afternoon. 

Britain's King Charles III waves as he rides in the Diamond Jubilee State Coach, during the 'King's Procession', a journey of two kilometres from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey in central London on May 6, 2023, ahead of their coronations. CHARLES MCQUILLAN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

There are some other similarities between the two coronations. Both monarchs assumed the role after their parent died, but their coronations were held months later. Queen Elizabeth II's coronation was not held for more than a year after her father, King George VI died in 1952. King Charles III is being coronated about eight months after his mother died.

At 74 years old, King Charles III is the oldest person to be crowned a British monarch. Queen Elizabeth II was not the youngest, but she was just 25 years old when she became the monarch. She was also Britain's longest-reigning monarch — and one of the longest-serving monarchs in the world — serving for more than 70 years until her death last year at 96. 

Coronation Of Elizabeth II
A high-angle view of spectators, some sheltering beneath umbrellas, watching the Coronation of Elizabeth II from opposite Westminster Abbey in Westminster, London, England, 2nd June 1953. / Getty Images
Crowds near Trafalgar Square open their umbrellas to take shelter from the rain ahead of the coronation ceremony of Britain's King Charles III and Britain's Camilla, Queen Consort in central London on May 6, 2023. GARETH FULLER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Both were coronated at Westminster Abbey, as is customary, but there were some differences. Charles' wife, Camilla, will be crowned alongside him. She was initially given the title of queen consort, but coronation invitations referred to her as queen. Charles' father, Prince Phillip, was not crowned in 1953 with Queen Elizabeth. But he was by his wife's side for most of the momentous day.

Charles' ceremony is smaller than his mother's – with around 2,000 guests, compared to her 8,000. The regalia they wear will be different, as will the oath Charles recites and the procession route they take back to Buckingham Palace.

But once back at the palace, senior members of the royal family will gather on the balcony for their signature photo op, just as Queen Elizabeth II did on her coronation day. 

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