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Kim Kardashian: Kanye West laughed at Seth Rogen, James Franco "Bound 3" spoof

Kanye West is known for publicly blasting those who take aim at him, but not this time.

According to his fiancee, reality TV star Kim Kardashian, the "Yeezus" rapper was a fan of "Bound 3," the satirical shot-for-shot remake of his "Bound 2" music video starring "This Is The End" co-stars and real-life buddies Seth Rogen and James Franco.

Social media was abuzz last week after the 36-year-old rapper released the racy "Bound 2" clip, which also stars a topless-Kardashian. In the video, she straddles West on a motorcycle against scenic green-screen backdrops.

While on the set of their latest film, "The Interview," Rogen and Franco decided to create their own version, with Franco playing West and Rogen stepping in to the role of Kardashian. 

The spoof quickly went viral and it seemed West was poised for yet another public spat, like the feud he had with Jimmy Kimmel over a parody skit from the late-night host, but not so says Kardashian.

On Monday, she sent Rogen a message via Twitter, complimenting him and Franco on the parody: 

The two stars then went on to share some friendly exchanges:

West himself, meanwhile, has yet to comment publicly on the spoof.

Tell us: Did you think "Bound 3" was funny?