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Army of strangers show up to honor Air Force veteran at his funeral

Strangers show up at veteran's funeral
Strangers show up at veteran's funeral 01:33

In Killeen, Texas, more than 1,000 strangers showed up from miles around to say farewell to an Air Force veteran they never met. Joseph Walker, 72, died alone, but people were determined he would not be laid to rest alone.

"Today we are not strangers. Today we are family. I don't have a whole lot of information but it doesn't matter because once upon a time like a lot of other vets, he signed a blank check for our nation," said Marc George of the Christian Motorcyclists Association.

A Texas state agency put out a call for the funeral, fearing no one would attend. They needn't have worried because the appeal attracted an army of people who never met Walker.

A group of bikers rode 50 miles and a trio of planes performed a flyover. A flag draped over his coffin and was carefully folded and presented in his memory.

Little is known about Walker, except that he served his country in the Air Force during Vietnam and was buried with full military honors. Even without loved ones, he would get the send off every service member deserves.

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