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Kill Your Stapler

There are few things in life as satisfying as a good stapler. Just ask Milton of Office Space about his classic red Swingline. But most staplers take a lot of force to use, and they just aren't that good at dealing with large stacks of documents. The Paper Pro stapler gets rid of the punch-down mechanism present in other models, and instead uses a spring-loaded design akin to a staple gun to force out staples with a bullet-like force -- a force so powerful that Wired's Gadget Lab found it could easily puncture documents 100 pages thick. The inspiration? According to this Business 2.0 article, inventor Todd Moses came up with the idea after bloodying himself trying to remove a staple that had only gotten halfway through some important financial statements) While design guru Don Norman thinks that the Paper Pro folks should have created a revolutionary design to go with their hi-tech product, the fact that it looks (and costs) about the same as a regular stapler means that it's intuitive to use, and less likely to get filched. You can read all about the PaperPro here, and buy one of your very own here.

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