Kids tasting foods for the first time in slow motion

(CBS News) The Internet largely seems to agree that "kids are cute." (And overwhelmingly appear to agree on that point when it comes to all things cats.) But they can be pretty finicky eaters when it comes to certain foods, particularly those typically associated with a more developed and refined palate. Which, as it turns out, actually makes them even cuter when watched, especially if it's in slow-motion... Alright, I'm sure you get the picture. Go ahead and watch it all unfold above.

So items like oranges, lemons and yogurt seemed to get reaction responses of mixed or liked, which I pretty much expected. But their reactions to the more exotic fare being tested: priceless! The slow-motion, "childish" antics on display were created by Saatchi & Heckler and posted by TEDxSydney. And watching this actually brought back memories of my own picky eating during my formative years. (And utter surprise later in life at tasting some again and enjoying them.

How about you? Were your taste buds not quite attuned as a child to some foods you now like? As always, feel free to leave me some comment love below with your thoughts or personal experiences with taste differences due to age. And to check out more great content from TEDxSydney, be sure to visit their YouTube page by clicking here.