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Key Clinton Backer Slams Iowa Caucuses As "Undemocratic"

Voters in Iowa (and New Hampshire) are a defensive bunch when it comes to their "first-in-the-nation" status. It's one reason why candidates were so willing to pledge to avoid campaigning in Michigan and Florida when both states jumped ahead in the primary calendar.

So a few eyebrows were probably raised when one of Hillary Clinton's most prominent backers, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, lashed out against not only Iowa's spot on the calendar, but also its arcane caucus process – something of which the state's Democrats are very proud.

According to the Associated Press, Strickland called the caucuses "hugely undemocratic" and, because they require attendance at a certain time, intentionally exclude those who might be working or are too old or too sick to get to the caucus venue.

"I'd like to see both parties say, 'We're going to bring this to an end,'" Strickland told The Columbus Dispatch for a story Monday. His comments came only days after campaigning for Clinton in Iowa over the weekend.

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