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Kerry Walks The Walk On Global Warming?

If only John Kerry had this type of political timing on the 2004 presidential campaign trail, he might have done better.

The scene: Three Democratic senators were giving a global warming press conference on a sticky Washington day in the Senate park known as "the swamp," with four alternative vehicles behind them as props. There was a $100,000 electric vehicle made by Tesla, a GM fuel cell car and a tiny little electric car known as the Tango.

Kerry (D-Mass.) just happened to pull up across the street when the press conference started in his Chevy Tahoe hybrid, looked over at the press conference wondering what was going on and walked off while a passel of photographers snapped his picture.

A GM employee on hand for the event quickly pointed out that Kerry was indeed driving an American manufactured hybrid and not the gas guzzling regular Chevy Tahoe.

Being cynical as we are here at The Crypt, we've checked in to see if Kerry's nicely timed appearance in an enviro-friendly vehicle was intentional or just dumb luck. We'll report back if we sniff out any conspiracy.


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