Katie: Puppy Love

Katie Couric has a new member of the family. We asked her to fill us in. -- Ed.

It's official: I should be committed.

Last Sunday, we got a puppy. This brings the dog population at our house to three. We already have a Cairn terrier and a Yorkie. And now we've got a little Havanese. My daughter guilted me into it by describing in graphic terms what they do to puppies who are not adopted. It made be me feel so warm and fuzzy that I caved. Now I have a new source for piddle stains all over my apartment. Ah, the joys of giving!

There is a bit of a problem, though: we cannot agree on a name. And we need your help. I'm not saying we're going to take your help. But we need it.

My first impulse was "Goldie." As in "Hawn." Ellie and Carrie came up with Cecilia. (I'm not sure where that came from.) There was a discussion this morning about names from Jane Austen,maybe something from"Sense and Sensibility" or "Emma." But Eleanor is already Ellie's name, Mariann just doesn't fit, (Ginger is a possibility!) and Elizabeth was too formal. But Lizzie is still in the running.

Here are other ideas: my friend Jill suggested Triscuit, but it just makes me hungry. I like Emma. They think Georgy might be a good name, but all I can think of is Lynn Redgrave. I also like Charlotte, but the girls already have a cousin named Charlotte. It could get confusing.

Please tell me what you think. Got a better idea? She's really really cute – as you can tell from the pictures! By the way, objects in the picture are larger than they appear in real life. She weighs about three pounds right now, and will max out at only 10.

P.S. Don't tell my parents. If they knew, they'd kill me.