Katie Couric's Notebook: Walter

Walter Cronkite died one week ago, and while we mourn the loss, it's been wonderful to see such exuberant and heartfelt tributes all across the country.

But I had to smile albeit, a tad ruefully, and I think he would too when I saw The New York Times correcting a piece that had appeared following his death.

The article contained not one, not two, but seven errors about his life and career.

While he may have relished the report that he'd stormed the beaches on Normandy on D-Day, he was actually in a warplane high above.

And Walter's coverage of Neil Armstrong's giant leap for mankind came on July 20th, 1969. Not July 26th.

And Walter, like my Dad, worked for UP during the war. It didn't become UPI till a merger years later.

The paper issued a correction that seemed as long as the article itself.

Walter Cronkite used to say "get it first, but get it right."

So as we say goodbye to the Dean of TV news, let's all remember as journalists when we say "that's the way it is" - it really is.

That's a page from my notebook.