Katie Couric's Notebook: Teen Dating Violence

I'm Kelly Wallace, Katie is on assignment.

It's a classic story: Boy meets Girl. They flirt, they date, it starts to get serious. But for thousands of American teens, that's when things go terribly wrong.

Dating violence is on the rise, fueled in part by email, Instant Messaging and texting, which give kids new ways to keep tabs on - and control - their partners.

On tonight's CBS Evening News, Katie interviews an 18-year-old girl who was routinely beaten and raped by the young man she considered her "boyfriend."

Even younger girls are at risk. A recent survey found that 25 percent of tweens report physical abuse in their relationships.

Laws that mandate education on dating violence have passed or are pending in 14 states. That's a start… but it's not enough.

As parents, we need to make sure all our schools teach this important lesson - and teach it ourselves at home. Sons and daughters both need to know that love should never come with bruises.

I'm Kelly Wallace, CBS News.