Katie Couric's Notebook: Economic Times

Right now ten percent of America is unemployed, that's more than 15 million people. If you include the underemployed, the number jumps to 17 percent.

The results of a new survey from CBS News and The New York Times reveal the financial hardship is taking a psychological toll on families.

Nearly half of the 700 adults we polled said that losing their jobs had caused a major crisis in their lives. And they have suffered from anxiety and depression. 69 percent report higher stress levels.

More than a third of parents say the job loss has impacted their childrens' behavior, as well.

There's one silver lining in an otherwise heartbreaking report: the challenge has motivated people to learn new skills. More than half are confident their next job will be as good as their last.

Though the American dream has evaporated for some families, at least for now, American optimism has proven to be a renewable resource and perhaps the most important tool on the road to our recovery.

That's a page from my notebook.

I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.