Katie Couric's Notebook: Can You Hear Me Now?

Hi, everyone.

If you feel you're saying, "What?" Or "Excuse me?" a little too often….you're not alone. Baby Boomers may be paying the price for living in a noisier world -- with everything from rock concerts to leaf blowers to blame for hearing problems. Statistics show more people in their 40s are losing their hearing than ever before.

But our KIDS may be facing the sounds of silence in more profound ways. Steven Greenberg, of Silicon Speech, reported last week that by 2050 there could be 50 million people in the U.S. with hearing loss. iPods, cranked-up stereos and more noise in general are putting our kids at risk.

What to do? Turn down the volume -- stereos and iPods now come with volume limiters that parents can set. And it's never too early to have your kids' hearing checked -- or YOURS, for that matter. What you hear from your doctor could KEEP you hearing for years to come.

That's a page from my notebook.