Katie Couric's Notebook: Be Prepared

Hi, everyone.

How's this for a Christmas present? A game plan for your family in the event of an emergency.

According to a recent survey, only a third of Americans have done what they should to prepare for a terror attack or natural disaster.

So, here's some advice from preparedness expert Irwin Redlener:

Keep enough food and water to meet your family's needs for three days…just in case you can't leave the house. Always have at least a week's worth of important medications on hand. Have a flashlight, radio, and cell phone available…along with spare batteries.

And this is critical: develop a communications plan…including what do with relatives who are infirm. Figure out where you would meet in an emergency…and share a phone number where everyone can call for information. Figure out who would pick the kids up from school if you can't.

Update these plans regularly.

This holiday season, taking care of each other could be the greatest gift of all.

That's a page from my notebook.