Katie Couric's Notebook: Baby Sports

YouTube is filled with babies with seemingly miraculous skills. 

They recite poetry, sing Beatles songs and dance to Lady Gaga. And, of course, they play sports. 

Countless parents have posted proof that they're grooming the next A-Rod or Tiger Woods.

But the athletic-baby boom goes well beyond YouTube, according to the New York Times. A host of new businesses are encouraging parents to start kids in sports... before they're even out of diapers.

The Little Gym, for instance, offers classes for tots as young as four months.... And Lil' Kickers enrolls budding soccer stars as early as 18 months. Some experts warn that if parents push too hard, such training could stress kids out or even cause injuries.

There's nothing wrong with wanting our children to succeed, in sports and in life. But let's keep the pressure cooker on low. The goals that really matter aren't on the soccer field... they're the ones kids set for themselves.

That's a page from my notebook.