Katie Couric's Notebook: Awaiting The Report

Hi, everyone.

For weeks, people have been anticipating tomorrow's report by the Iraq Study Group. Some of its recommendations have already been leaked to the media --most significantly, a plan to withdraw troops, but without a specific timetable. The group reportedly will also recommend that the U.S. hold talks with Iraq's neighbors, Iran and Syria.

Will this report carry any weight? That will be up to President Bush. For months, he has refused to change course in Iraq. To his supporters, he's been steadfast. To his critics, inflexible. But time is running out. Just today, Robert Gates, his pick for Defense Secretary, declared flatly that the U.S. Is not winning the war. Something needs to change.

The President has said that he wants to absorb and listen to everything -- including tomorrow's report.

Surely, he understands that how he responds to it may define not only the path of the war...but also his own legacy.

That's a page from my notebook.