Katie Couric's Notebook: Adoptions

They are among the most vulnerable members of our society - the half a million children living in foster care. Many bounce from family to family, longing for someplace that is not just a house, but a real home.

Well, advocates say more now see their dream fulfilled, ironically because of the economy.

Applications to private adoption agencies are down. There are still enough parents to adopt newborns, but with medical and legal costs topping $20,000, others simply can't afford it. So, more are applying to adopt foster children, often at no cost with states picking up the tab.

These kids are older. Their average age is 8, and they often bring with them physical and emotional scars, but they desperately need someone to love and care for them.

Americans have adopted many new spending habits during this recession. This one will continue to pay dividends long after the economy improves.

That's a page from my notebook.