Katie Couric on paying teachers $125,000 a year

With a national debate raging over teacher pay, pension, and tenure, Katie Couric explores one New York City public school where change is already underway

Couric on paying teachers $125K a year 04:18

Should teachers have "a job for life?" Tenure for teachers came about in America around time of the First World War. Initially, it was meant to prevent arbitrary dismissal of a teacher for reasons that had nothing to do with their teaching ability. But somewhere along the way, tenure became a symbol of unions run amok, and opponents say it's responsible for making bad teachers "bullet proof."

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As political leaders across the nation wrestle with budget woes, unionized teachers find themselves under fire. And in some places, tenure has become a new dirty word. In a conversation with "60 Minutes Overtime," Katie Couric discusses her report on the ground-breaking New York City school known as TEP (The Equity Project), her own experience with mentoring students, and the accusation that teachers are "greedy."