Kate Gosselin wants to return to TV

Kate Gosselin appears on the "Today" show on Sept. 12, 2011. NBC

(CBS) Kate Gosselin's reality show doesn't end until tonight, but the "Kate Plus 8" star is already talking about a return to television.

The TV personality said during an interview on the "Today" show that the finale is "the end of an era," and that the show's fans are "devastated."

"There is sadness, because it's the end of an era," Gosselin told Matt Lauer. "I feel sad for my kids because of all of the opportunities that they're now questioning. ... I feel sad for fans, because they're devastated. They're saying, you know, you're the neighbor moving far away and we won't see you again. But there's also fear because this has been, although maybe not my career, it has been the start essentially of my career and my job and the way I've been providing for my kids for six years. And so you know, it is a little scary."

The mom of twins and sextuplets added that she hopes TV will continue to be part of her life.

"I think at this point, the best opportunity for all of us would be me continuing on TV as a way to provide for my kids," she said. "Something that's exciting and challenging for me has been TV, and I wouldn't be opposed to it."

And she's not opposed to putting her kids back on the small screen, either.

"You know, if the right thing came along, I think we are all still in (agreement) with it," she said, adding, "I'm sure you will see my kids again at some point."

Watch the interview below:

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