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Kate And Sean: "Chicago"

"My Broadway Debut" is a new series presented by The Early Show that's designed to give two young performers the chance to make their first bows on a Broadway stage. Each day during the week of May 29, two auditions will be broadcast. At the end of the week, viewers will be invited to vote for top choices, male and female.

Featured show: "CHICAGO"
Tuesday, May 30
Obba Baratunde and Brenda Braxton are currently starring in the long-running revival, and joined co-anchor Hannah Storm on The Early Show Tuesday as Kate and Sean auditioned.

Contender 3: Kate FitzGibbons

Character: Velma

Kate FitzGibbons, of Scottsdale, Ariz., will be a senior at the University of Arizona next year. In fifth grade, Kate started choir, and the following year, she started performing in local children's theater. From that point on, she lived there. She did children's theater until she graduated from high school.

Kate says musical theater is most rewarding because it is so different from a piece of art like a painting or a poem, a tangible thing that the artist can show. With musical theater, she observes, it's just you. You are your own book, you are your own piece of art.

A bonus of her participation in "My Broadway Debut" has been bonding with her mother as they shop for dresses. (She was not sure if CBS would provide an outfit, so now she has five or six dresses, just in case.)

Contender 4: Sean Carroll

Character: Billy Flynn

Sean has been involved in acting since he was about 6 years old. It was something he always wanted to do and his parents were really supportive. This year, he will be graduating as a musical theater major from Northwestern. After graduation, he won't be returning to his hometown of Sugar Land, Texas, but has his sights set on New York City to pursue his dreams.

Along the way, he says he has learned that people do musical theater because they have to. They don't just want to; they have to. The business is competitive, but Sean's view is that if this is something you feel you need to do, and you don't just do it because you want to be famous and in the spotlight, then there is a place for you.

The worst part of musical theater, he says, is "singing in the morning… I'm not a morning person." He hates waking up early, so we'll see how he fares on The Early Show.

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