Kanye West Announces New Album Title

Kanye West makes a guest appearance during a Jay-Z concert at Yankee Stadium, Monday, Sept. 13, 2010, in New York. AP Photo/Jason DeCrow

NEW YORK (CBS) Kanye West has announced the title of his upcoming album.

The rapper unveiled the name in a post on his Twitter account on Tuesday.

"The official album title is and always was ........MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASY," he wrote.

West followed up in subsequent Twitter posts saying that he was in Paris designing the typeface for the album packaging and that the first song on the album is called "Dark Fantasy."

He also revealed what his next single will be.

I ain't letting no leaks have any affect on my song choices...," he posted. "All of the Lights is the next single but wait till yall here the final!!!!!"

The album comes out Nov. 22.