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Justin Bieber shows James Corden how to cruise in style in carpool karaoke segment

James Corden just kicked his carpool swag up a notch. "The Late Late Show" host picked up Justin Bieber for another A-list round of his carpool karaoke schtick.

The 21-year-old heartthrob gave Corden a ride to remember on Wednesday night's show, singing his breakthrough hit "Baby" with the British comedian, and trading shirts.

"When I picked you up I didn't recognize you for a minute because you have your top on," Corden said. Bieber didn't stay clothed the whole time however, as he exchanged his signature hoodie with Cordon and graciously donned Cordon's black polo shirt for a mid-ride wardrobe change.

The two sang and danced in their seats, cat-called to pedestrians, picked up fast food, sat in Los Angeles traffic and talked about women.

"Do you listen to your own music when you make love?" Corden asked Bieber, who denied doing any such thing.

Apparently Bieber does not have to rely on his famous tunes to impress women as he has a few other talents he can whip out unexpectedly, like Rubik's cube mastery. The tatted-up pop-icon may actually be a genius after all considering it barely took him two minutes to solve the puzzle, leaving Corden speechless.