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Just Films For Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is best known for the six years she spent on the hit TV drama "Dawson's Creek." Now that she has put "the creek" behind her, she's turned her attention full-time to the big screen, with two films opening this month alone.

In "Pieces of April," she plays a rebellious young woman who tries to ease an estranged relationship with her dying mother by cooking Thanksgiving dinner. The problem is, at the start of the day, her oven will not work. So she sets off on this journey to get people in her building to let her borrow their oven.

Holmes describes her character, April Burns in "Pieces of April," as a survivor who is judged by her looks but down deep, she has a lot to deal with.

She tells The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm, "At the beginning of the movie, April is pretty much as bitter as her mother. Their bitterness mirrors each other, I guess you could say. And she grows so much throughout the movie, because she meets all of these different people. And I really like that about the movie."

"Pieces of April" is Peter Hedges' directorial debut. Hedges is best known for his work as writer of the novel and screenplay of "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." His screenplay, "About a Boy," also received an Academy Award-nomination.

It is an independent film with a small budget that got great reaction at the Sundance Film Festival. Holmes says, "It was completely unexpected, but very enjoyable. People seem to really connect to these characters. I think because the movie is about family and I think most families are alike in their dysfunction."

Holmes also appears in the film "The Singing Detective," an adaptation of the Dennis Potter book starring Robert Downey Jr.

She explains, "This movie is based on the BBC series, written by Dennis Potter. It's this crazy movie where Robert plays this author who is dealing with psoriasis while having all of these visions and his work and everything is kind of bleeding into each other. And I play Nurse Mills. She's kind of the innocent character in this mess of darkness that is his mind, and we had a lot of fun."

The busy actress is currently in production on "First Daughter," to be released next year.

About Katie Holmes:

  • Born Katie Noelle Holmes in Toledo, Ohio on Dec. 18, 1978
  • 1997, Made her feature debut in "The Ice Storm"
  • From, 1998-2003, has had a regular series role on the popular teen drama "Dawson's Creek" on the WB.
  • Also in 1998, was seen in the thriller, "Disturbing Behavior."
  • In 1999, Holmes performed in Williamson's "Teaching Mrs. Tingle" as well as Doug Liman's indie ensemble film "Go."
  • In 2000, she was reunited with Tobey Maguire in "Wonder Boys," the Curtis Hanson-directed adaptation of Michael Chabon's novel chronicling a middle-aged author (Michael Douglas) plagued by writer's block.

    Also in 2000, she played a bitchy, man-eating Southern beauty who is brutally murdered in Sam Raimi's thriller "The Gift."

  • In 2002, Holmes took the lead in screenwriter-turned-director Stephen Gaghan's woman-in-jeopardy outing "Abandon."
  • In 2003, She joined the cast of director Joel Schumacher's action fest, "The Phone Booth."