Juror in Beating Case Declares She was the 911 Caller; Now She's a Witness

Juror Says She Was The 911 Caller In Beating Case

CINCINNATI (CBS/AP) An Ohio juror listening to opening statements in an assault case suddenly announced she saw the alleged beating and had called 911.

The woman was on a 12-person jury in Cincinnati hearing domestic violence and felonious assault charges against 42-year-old James Capell.

Najah Johnson-Riddle blurted out Tuesday that she had called 911 after being awakened and seeing a female neighbor being beaten.

The Hamilton County judge declared a mistrial.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported prosecutors plan to call the former juror as a witness in the new trial.  Capell has denied the allegations.

Authorities knew an anonymous 911 call had been made but never connected it to the juror.