Joshua Radin Provides Soundtrack for "The Bachelorette" Kiss

Ali Fedotowsky and the Men of The Bachelorette
Rick Rowell/ABC
Ali Fedotowsky and the Men of The Bachelorette (Rick Rowell/ABC)

NEW YORK (CBS) Make no mistake, "The Bachelorette" has got the summer TV stamp on romantic balladeering. Episode four Monday night was no exception.

While Ali cozied up to Chris L. during his one-on-one [birthday] date with Ms. Fedotowsky, a treat came in the form of singer Joshua Radin, who serenaded the couple with his tune "Brand New Day." And what a great serenade it was, culminating in a first kiss for the two.

"Ali-holics," here's the low-down on this up-and-coming crooner.

Radin is a 36-year-old singer-songwriter and his music has been heard on various TV shows, including ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" and FOX's "So You Think You Can Dance," even before anyone knew who he was.

His soft, pillowy voice has been compared to singer-songwriters James Taylor and Paul Simon - which is a bit daunting, but he's got room to grow. Radin even performed at the wedding of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"Brand New Day" is currently available on iTunes. He just released the EP "Songs Under A Streetlight," with a full-length album available Sept. 7.