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Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum talk "22 Jump Street"

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are back in class for "22 Jump Street."

The two real-life friends star in the sequel to the 2012 hit comedy "21 Jump Street" as a pair of undercover cops, this time posing as college students trying to expose a narcotics dealer pushing a designer drug called WhyPhy (pronounced "wi-fi") around campus.

Much of the sequel focuses on the relationship between the characters played by Hill and Tatum. Both actors served as producers, and wanted their real-life dynamic reflected between their characters.

"I think you just get lucky," Hill said of their friendship in a recent interview with CBS News. "I wanted to work with him creatively and then we got lucky that we ended up hitting it off as friends right away."

Many jokes are made throughout the film about their bromance, although Jenko (Tatum) causes a major conflict when he announces that he needs his space from Schmidt (Hill) for a while.

"It feels like there's something personal about that," Hill joked.

"Look, this is the deal. You know I love you," Tatum responded.

Hill then added, "If Channing wants to find other friends out there. That's cool. I'm totally cool. I'm not hurt."

Kidding aside, Hill and Tatum said they both felt pressure when making "22 Jump Street" partially because of the success of the first film.

"There's a lot of like pitfalls and anxiety and fears in making a sequel," Tatum admitted. "People think they want the exact same thing...And then they realize that they don't want it after they see what you've given them."

Hill and Tatum both say they're on board for a hypothetical "23 Jump Street" if this film proves a hit at the box office. Given the latest reviews, that shouldn't be a tough assignment.

"22 Jump Street" opens in theaters this Friday. Be on the lookout for lots of cameos.

Watch video above to see Hill and Tatum list some of their nicknames for each other.

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