Jonah Hill: I owe Charlie Rose for Oscar nod

Jonah Hill threw a curveball at his fans, taking the role as Brad Pitt's sidekick in "Moneyball."

Fans knew him best for a series of blockbuster comedies, from "Knocked Up," to "Superbad" to "Get Him to the Greek."

But "Moneyball" has been good for Jonah Hill. He is now an Oscar nominee for best supporting actor.

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But could Charlie Rose actually be responsible for Hill's recognition?

Gayle King remarked during Hill's interview on "CBS This Morning" that, "When Jonah sat down, you said you may owe your Oscar nomination to Charlie Rose. I said, 'This Charlie Rose?'"

"I didn't say 'may,' I said, 'I do,"' Hill replied. "Brad Pitt and myself and the filmmaker of 'Moneyball' went on Charlie's (PBS) show. ... And we had an amazing time, and it was the most feedback I have ever gotten from an appearance of any sort from people that I really respected in the film community. ... So it was an honor; I think it really did contribute massively to Brad and the film."

King said, "So if you win, you can say, 'I'd like to thank Charlie Rose. Charlie Rose and my mom.'"

"I'll thank him," Hill said. "When Christopher Plummer wins, I'll run up and thank Charlie anyway."

"I double dare you do that," King quipped.

For more with Hill on the "Moneyball" role and his Oscar nomination and what it means, watch the full interview video in the player above.