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JoJo Takes 'The High Road'

The ShowBuzz's Judy Faber researched and wrote this story.

A lot has happened to JoJo since she recorded her first album three years ago. She became the second-youngest solo artist to have a No. 1 single in the U.S. with "Leave (Get Out)"; her debut album, "JoJo," went platinum; and she somehow made time to star in the movies "RV" with Robin Williams and "Aquamarine" with Emma Roberts.

That's a lot of accomplishments for a 15-year-old.

Her outlook on life is different now than it was when she recorded her first album at age 12. "I still have a lot more to figure out, of course," says JoJo. "But from 12 to now is a big difference. You hear that in the record a lot."

JoJo says the name for her new album, "The High Road," is partly a humorous nod to the fact that she'll soon be old enough to drive. But, on a more serious note, JoJo sees it as a reflection of an important life lesson.

"In relationships, in friendships, in your career, when people are talking bad about you or whatever the case is," she says, "it's much more fulfilling to take the high road then to stoop to their level."

JoJo has had to put up with naysayers and take the high road plenty of times on her way to becoming successful. But despite her humble beginnings, JoJo, with the help of her mother and manager Diana Levesque, landed her first record deal after a record producer heard her compete on "America's Most Talented Kids."

"The High Road" is set for release on Oct. 17. The first single from the album, "Too Little, Too Late," is climbing up the charts and already has earned a rave review in Billboard.

"The song was written by Billy Steinberg and two other excellent writers," says JoJo. "He is most known for writing 'Like A Virgin' for Madonna, and he's worked with Whitney Houston and The Bangles. (He's) more of a classic writer and producer."

"As soon as I heard it I wanted to record it," she adds.

The video for the song has a soccer theme, a favorite sport of JoJo's. She dates teen soccer star Freddy Adu.

JoJo will be performing the song live for the first time on the Miss Teen USA pageant on Aug. 15 on NBC. She'll also be appearing at the Teen Choice Awards on Fox on Aug. 20.
By Judy Faber