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John Wayne auction rustles up $5.4M

LOS ANGELES — Organizers say a two-day auction of more than 700 costumes, scripts, awards and memorabilia from the estate of film star John Wayne brought in $5.4 million.

Heritage Auctions said Friday that the auction included items such as Wayne's last driver's license ($89,625), a holster and gun belt from the film "El Dorado" ($77,675), and an eye patch he wore as the iconic Rooster Cogburn in the 1969 movie, "True Grit" ($47,800).

The highest price went to the green wool beret that Wayne wore in "The Green Berets." It fetched $179,250.

A cowboy hat that Wayne wore in THREE westerns - "Big Jake," "The Cowboys" and "The Train Robbers" - pulled in $119,500.

The Golden Globe trophy he won for "True Grit" went for $143,400.

A portion of the proceeds will be used by the John Wayne Cancer Foundation to help fund cancer research, treatment and education.

The items had been kept by Wayne's family since his 1979 death from cancer.

Among the other notable sale items:

  • An Andy Warhol limited edition signed print of Wayne from Warhol's "Cowboys and Indians" series, dated 1986 ($77,675).
  • Wayne's copy of the shooting script for "The Searchers" ($41,825).
  • Wayne's Certificate of Nomination for Best Actor from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, for "True Grit" ($41,825) - Wayne's Oscar statuette was not on the block.

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