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John Legend recalls when he tried to break up with Chrissy Teigen

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen may appear to have the perfect relationship, but it wasn't always smooth sailing for the power couple. Legend said in a new interview that he once tried to break up with Teigen, which didn't go over so well. 

Legend told the Guardian that it happened at a time when "I was really stressed and busy. I was just like: 'I'd just be happier single right now.'"

Teigen had a one-word response: "She was like: 'No.'" Legend says the couple got "back together" less than half an hour later. 

Teigen tweeted that the "breakup" took place 11 years ago and said, "It wasn't a a typical breakup. He was on tour and his voice hurt and he was being a whiny face about everything and so yeah, I was like 'no.'"

Legend and Teigen married in Italy in 2013. Legend told the Guardian, "She pushes me to be funnier. Not because she's trying to, I think it's just being around her. And to be bolder."

The two are parents to Luna, who just celebrated her first birthday. Teigen told CBS News in August that they are good at splitting their time with their daughter, especially when they're traveling. 

"We're good at two different things on the plane," Teigen said. "John is so patient and he'll cut up the food and let her eat it and share and I'm more the player. When she wants to play and read and do funny voices, she'll come to me and when she wants calmer vibes, she'll go to John."