John Edwards alternate juror denies allegations of trying to flirt during campaign finance trial

(CBS News) During jury deliberations in the John Edwards campaign finance corruption trial, one alternate juror was described by some reporters as having possibly been "flirting" with Edwards. (The alternate jurors were brought into the court room during breaks and at lunch recesses and sat, as a group, to the left of the defense table.)

After the jury's decision was handed down Thursday, CBS News located that alternate juror, whose name is Denise Speight, and spoke with her about the allegations.

In the video above, she describes what was really happening, from her point of view, which involves the alternate jurors color-coordinating their outfits.

"It happened to be a Friday night, and for me it was date night," said Speight. "So when we all decided to wear red, I was like, 'Oh,' and I even told the other alternates, I'm like, 'Oh I know exactly what I'm going to wear because I have to meet my husband after for date night.' Big mistake. So, but anyway and so that's what I did, and apparently it got me in a little bit of trouble."

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