Rep. John Conyers in Detroit after accusations of sexual misconduct

Conyers in Detroit
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WASHINGTON -- Sexual misconduct allegations have shaken Congress, with the Dean of the House -- its longest-serving member -- among the accused. 

Democrat John Conyers was holed up in Detroit on Wednesday after leaving Washington, D.C., in the middle of the workweek. 

"He is at home with his family. They are discussing the allegations," Rep. Cedric Richmond said. 

Colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus say it's not their place to urge the veteran lawmaker to resign over claims that he propositioned staffers. 

"We think that is a decision for he and his family and his constituents to make," Richmond said. 

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The House did vote on Wednesday to belatedly require anti-harassment training for members and their aides. 

There is also a bipartisan push to prevent lawmakers from using government funds to settle with accusers, as Conyers did. 

"If you're somebody that is in power, you can misbehave," said Florida Republican Ron Desantis. "The taxpayer will bail you out." 

House Speaker Paul Ryan said even he isn't informed when members pay off victims. 

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"Right now, we're focused on making sure that this place works the right way," he said. 

But some female lawmakers, like New York's Kathleen Rice, have begun to ask why elected officials aren't being drummed out like their private sector counterparts. 

"You see the actions that CBS, NBC take when there are allegations against very well-known men in positions of power, and we don't do the same," Rice said. "I think it's a disgrace." 

Other members argue the accused deserve due process and an ethics investigation. They say it's the voters who hired them, and they should be the ones to fire them, too. 

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