Joe Jonas responds to fan's dance invititation with a "sexy sax" video

(CBS News) Joe Jonas has just earned some major props and respect from myself and all of us here at The Feed for putting together an amazing, "sexy sax" response to a fan's invitation to her dance. Go ahead and watch it above and then we can go into all of the tantalizing details after (which may actually just be the facts and some background behind this message).

The cheeky clip was posted on the Jonas Brothers' YouTube page as a response to Pepperdine University fan, Shaina Kohli, inviting Joe Jonas to her sorority dance. And I'm going to just say it: I think I've become a big fan of Joe Jonas after this. No, I'm not going to ask him to a dance anytime soon. But seriously, that response was epic! And, though they are not adjectives that necessarily come to mind while watching the video, his answer showed maturity and class in realizing that he could not attend the dance, but could offer a really great alternative option. 

Either way, it has earned Joe Jonas a triple-rainbow salute of response-able celebrity excellence from us here at The Feed! (Why? Because of the "response" and being a "responsible" celebrity. Look, it's supposed to be clever and funny! Oh, fine, maybe not...). For reference, I'm including Shaina Kohli's original invite video below. And to check out more music (and otherwise) from the Jonas Brothers, be sure to visit their YouTube page by clicking here.