Jobs to Avoid in the 21st Century

Jobs to Avoid in the 21st CenturyAs the economy continues to change from goods-based to service-based, some professions are going be winners and some losers. Of course, there's the obvious. The number of manufacturing jobs is likely to continue to fall. You're a textile worker? Maybe consider re-training. But according to Forbes survey of the worst jobs for the 21st century, there are some surprises too.
Like computer programmers. Despite all the advances--and expected job growth--in the computer industry, expect the number of programmers to increase by about 2% between 2004-2014. Why? Outsourcing.
Another surprise loser, economists. Forbes cautions those interested in the dismal science:
Don't generalize. While economic analysis will become increasingly necessary as the global economy becomes more integrated, the government says firms will want specialists who can perform jobs related to economics. In fact, "economist" jobs are only expected to grow by about 6% by 2014,
There is a silver lining, however. "Many economics-related occupations will grow faster than average. For example, market research jobs are expected to grow by about 20%, and financial analyst positions could grow by as much as 26%." The conclusion is "don't ditch your plans for an economics degree--just find a niche in a related field."

What other professions should you council your kids to avoid? Insurance agent, federal employee, jeweler, rancher, and our personal favorite here at BNET, journalist.

(Image of help wanted sign by swanksalot, CC 2.0)