J.J. Abrams releases mysterious "Stranger" teaser

Bad Robot

J.J. Abrams is no stranger to mysteries -- this is the man who gave us "Lost," after all -- and he's just released a new head-scratcher for fans to analyze.

On Monday, Abrams' Bad Robot production company released a teaser on YouTube, with no indication of what the mysterious video is teasing.

Titled "Stranger," the minute-long, black-and-white clip shows a man washing up on a shore, untying his rope-bound wrists. "He arrived knowing nothing of himself. Who is he? Soon he will know," a voice says. "Because what begins at the water shall end there. And what ends there shall once more begin. This is what happens: Men become lost; men vanish; men are erased -- and reborn."

We then see a close-up of a face (the same man who washed up on the beach? Or is it someone else?) with its lips sewn shut. The teaser ends with a caption saying "Soon he will know," with those words fading away one by one -- it then says "Soon he will," then "Soon will" and then, simply, "Soon."

So what does it all mean? Abrams and Bad Robot aren't saying, so right now it's anyone's guess. Some are speculating that "Stranger" could be a tease for "Believe," a new television project from Abrams and "Children of Men" director Alfonso Cuaron. Others think it could be tied to "S.," a new novel written by Doug Dorst in collaboration with Abrams that will be released in October.

The official description of "S." from its publisher, Mulholland Books, reads: "At the core of this multilayered literary puzzle of love and adventure is a book of mysterious provenance. In the margins, another tale unfolds -- through the hand-scribbled notes, questions, and confrontations of two readers. Between the pages, online, and in the real world, you'll find evidence of their interaction, ephemera that bring this tale vividly to life."

What do you think "Stranger" could be about? Watch the video above and leave theories in the comments.