Jimmy McMillan Challenging Obama in 2012

Jimmy McMillan, the "Rent Is 2 Damn High" party candidate who stole the showat New York's gubernatorial debate in October, has set his sights on a new contest: The 2012 presidential race.

"Tell Obama I'm coming after his black ass," McMillan said in discussing his planned candidacy on Revolution Radio yesterday, as Ben Smith noted.

McMillan, a former postal worker and perennial candidate in New York who sports black gloves and memorable facial hair, is embarking on a publicity stunt, not a viable campaign, of course. A Vietnam veteran and self-described karate expert, McMillan has released a number of songs in connection with his message about rent, including an album he released last month. (See video at left.)

"Can't pay your light bill?" he asks on the album opener. "Let's dance it off. Can't pay your phone bill? Let's dance it off."

McMillan said on Revolution Radio that people who call him a "one-issue candidate" are idiots since high prices at the supermarket, for example, are a form of rent.

He also complained about the bank bailout and economic stimulus package in light of the fact that people are facing foreclosure and otherwise struggling economically.

"The president is making a bad mistake by pouring money into the economy the way he's doing it," McMillan said.

Incidentally, McMillan told the New York Times that he "basically" lives rent-free in a building in Brooklyn, where he does maintenance work in exchange for his apartment.