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Jimmy Dean Loses One of its Best Customers; May Gain More as a Result

a-man-and-his-sausages.jpgYou can do a lot of things with a 12-ounce Jimmy Dean sausage -- make mini sausage chimichangas, adhere to a diet with the reduced fat variety, or really tick off a 30-year customer. After learning that Jimmy Dean did away with the 16-ounce pack and increased pricing for the 12-ounce, Randy Taylor left a heated message (with a couple of swears) on the company's corporate line presenting such thought provoking questions as:

  • How do you feed a family of five on a little 12-ounce roll of sausage?
  • When you have three men weighing over 200 pounds, a woman who is a little plump, and a 13-year old daughter, how can you insult them by offering a mere 12 ounces?
  • Do you really think a sausage man will be satisfied just because you offer 16 ounces of bacon?
The Consumerist uploaded the audio file to its blog, and its been accessed over 2,000 times now. While Randy Taylor has a valid complaint, it may be a good thing for Jimmy Dean if Taylor's rant spreads even further online. Granted, Randy and his friends will probably boycott the corporation. But others may find the tirade ridiculous enough to see for themselves: can you feed a family of 5 with a measly 12-ounce pack?

(A Man and his Sausages image courtesy of isho, cc 2.0)

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