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Man whose phone number was found on Jersey City attacker arrested

Man arrested after link to attacker
Man arrested after link to attacker 01:23

A man whose phone number was found in the pocket of one of the shooters in a deadly attack in Jersey City, is due in court Monday for a weapons charge. Ahmed A-Hady, of Keyport, is charged with being a felon in possession of a weapon. He had been convicted of a drug charge in 2012. 

According to CBS New York, A-Hady was linked to David Anderson and Francine Graham after police found a handwritten note with a phone number in Anderson's pocket after they were killed in last week's gun battle. The number and address traced back to A-Hady's pawn shop in New Jersey. 

While searching his shop, police found an arsenal of weapons including six rifles, three handguns and one shotgun. At his home, officials also found 400 rounds of ammunition. If convicted, he could face 10 years in prison.

Ahmed A-Hady CBS New York

It's unclear how much contact A-Hady had with the shooters before the attack or if he will face any charges in connection to the shooting. 

In an interview with CBS New York, A-Hady's brother said he's never heard of the attackers and that they don't sell weapons at the store.

"We never sold weapons. The only thing that we have in the store is, like, nunchucks. It's insane. I know my brother better than anyone on this planet. For him to be in this situation is unfortunate," said Adhem A-Hady.

Four victims were killed in the December 10th including Jersey City Police Detective Joseph Seals. It started when officers engaged the two shooters near a cemetery. They then fled in a stolen truck to a kosher grocery store and spent hours exchanging fire with law enforcement. The attack is now being investigated as domestic terrorism.

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