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Jennifer Lopez: George Clooney was an "OK" kisser

George Clooney...just an OK kisser?

That's according to Jennifer Lopez, who shared the big screen with the actor in 2008's "Out of Sight."

During Lopez's visit to "The Daily Show" on Tuesday, host Jon Stewart asked Lopez who had been her worst on-screen smooch.

She kept mum at first, so Stewart decided to do a little prodding: "Can I tell you who I think it is?"

"I think it's [Lopez's "Out of Sight" costar George] Clooney," Stewart said, resulting in a big chuckle from Lopez.

"He was OK" Lopez said.

We suspect Clooney's new wife, Amal, thinks differently.

Lopez paid a visit to "The Daily Show" to chat about her new movie, "The Boy Next Door." Check out the clip below:

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