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Jennifer Lawrence is done with being a bridesmaid

Jennifer Lawrence has played all sorts of roles, but there’s one she’s officially done with. 

In the “Passengers” star’s new Vanity Fair cover profile, she explained that she’s served as a bridesmaid for four different friends’ weddings -- and that’s more than enough. 

“All of my friends are getting married and having babies,” Lawrence told the magazine. 

“Weddings rock, but I will never be a bridesmaid again,” she said. “There needs to be a bridesmaids’ union. It’s horrendous. If anyone asks me again, I’m going to say, ‘No. That part of my life is over. I appreciate the ask.’” 

Lawrence feels so strongly about it, in fact, that she plans on sparing her own female friends from having to suffer the same ordeal should she tie the knot. 

“If I do ever get married, I don’t think I will have bridesmaids,” Lawrence said. “How can I rank my friends?”

While she has no current plans to get marriage, the Oscar-winner also won’t be breaking up any marriages, she joked when describing getting to know her “Passengers” co-star Chris Pratt’s wife, Anna Faris, with whom she said she formed a “spin-off friendship” of sorts after working with Pratt. 

“I think women can sense if you are the kind of woman who is going to run off with their husband,” Lawrence said. “I don’t think I give off that vibe. I give off the ‘Please like me!’ desperation. Which is not threatening.”

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