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Jennifer Lawrence admits to puking at Oscars after-party

Go to the Oscars with your best friend, have a little too much to drink, end up getting sick at an after-party in front of the likes of Miley Cyrus...we've all been there, right? No?

If you're Jennifer Lawrence, then yes, you've been there. The actress gamely recounted the story during an appearance Thursday on "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

Lawrence, 23, explained how her BFF Laura Simpson (who previously recounted the evening's events herself) demanded last year to be her date to the Oscars the next time around. So when she scored a nod this year for "American Hustle," she brought her pal along for the evening.

Lawrence goes on to say how Simpson encouraged her to hit up the bar and yell at Brad Pitt ("he smelled like sandalwood"), with the night culminating in her vomiting at a fancy post-Oscars gala.

The kicker? Cyrus' reaction. As Lawrence tells it, "I was in such bad condition and I look behind me and Miley Cyrus is there, and is like, 'Get it together.'"

Watch her tell the story below: